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“On one hand you could say we are working to fulfil our corporate social responsibility, but we’re also sourcing quality, highly committed people who want to work with us. “We service the construction sector and it has been widely written about and accepted as fact that there is a huge skills gap in construction. We are keen to find the right people to come into the industry and we know if we put the right training in we can upskill for the long term.”

Simon Little

Sales and Marketing Director, Powerday

“We have someone who has been with us for three months through Blue Sky and we’ve just promoted him from a key man to a handy man role. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t believe in him and had the trust that I have in him to do that.”

Jack McVeigh

Contract Manager, Powerday

“In my experience, they are hardworking guys, the ‘ex-offender phobia’ never bothered me, we get people through (a regular) agency and you don’t know his background or anything.”

Jamie Hope

Operations Manager, Amey